Sähkönro/Electric no.: 
Yleisnimi ja tuotesarja / Generic name and product line: 
Putkijohto Aalto
Tekninen nimi / Technical name: 
16HF-A 3G2.5S R100
Materiaali / Material: 
PP LSZH halogeenivapaa
Tuotemerkki / Brand: 
Putkijohto Wirell
Käyttökohde / Usage: 

This is a class 3442 750 N concrete cast certified 16 mm pipe is PP plastic, elastic, non-flammable, LSZH certified electrical installation pipe. The color is dark grey. Inside the pipe there is a 50% pull friction resistant coating. Additionally, inside the pipe there is pre-installed ML (H07Z1-U) 1.5 mm² conducter. The pipe has markings every meter. The wave series pipe is designed for normal conditions like detatched housing and rowhousing. The pipe has a regular ridged structure that's designed for low friction. In the lower parts of a roof upper layer the pipe slides smoothly and won't get caught in the structure. The pipe itself won't release toxic gas in a fire but. The pipes are up to IEC/ EN 61386-22 IEC/EN 61386-23 IEC 61034-2 EN 50267-1 EN 50267-2-2 standards, PBDPO free, environmentally friendly, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and environmentally friendly in flammable situations. Use and handling temperatures for the cables are -15°+70° and -25°+90° for the pipes. The regular package size is a 100 meter plastic wrap package.

Pakkauskoko / Package size: 
Lavattavuus / Loadability: 
Putken lujuusluokka / Pipeline strength class: 



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