Sähkönro/Electric no.: 
Yleisnimi ja tuotesarja / Generic name and product line: 
Asennusputki muovi Aalto
Tekninen nimi / Technical name: 
20HF-A- SC ICTA R100
Materiaali / Material: 
PP LSZH halogeenivapaa
Tuotemerkki / Brand: 
Asennusputki muovi Wirell
Käyttökohde / Usage: 

This is a class 3442 750 N concrete cast certified 20 mm pipe is PP plastic, elastic, non-flammable, LSZH certified electrical installation pipe. The color is dark grey. The inside of the pipe has a coat that reduces friction 50% that eases pulling wires and conducters into the pipe. The pipe has markings every meter. The 20HF SC ICTA wave series pipe is designed for normal conditions like detatched housing. The pipe has a regular ridged structure that's designed for low friction. In the lower parts of a roof upper layer the pipe slides smoothly and won't get caught in the structure. The pipe won't release toxic gas in a fire, is LSHZ certified and compatible with public buildings. The pipes are up to IEC/ EN 61386-22 IEC/EN 61386-23 IEC 61034-2 EN 50267-1 EN 50267-2-2 standards, PBDPO free, environmentally friendly, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and environmentally friendly in flammable situations. Use and handling temperatures are -25°+90° for the pipes. The regular package size is a 100 meter plastic wrap package.

Pakkauskoko / Package size: 
Lavattavuus / Loadability: 
Putken lujuusluokka / Pipeline strength class: 



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